General Grabber

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GRABBER with Red Sidewall Summer / All Terrain Tires by General. Born from competition, this reliable tire has been developed by the most skilled engineers and tested by the best off-road racers. General Tire “unleashed the fury” in off-road competitive performance with the debut of its Grabber Competition tires. These new street-version Grabber tires are a result of the same proven technology with the added performance capabilities of on-road handling and traction.

  • Features
  • Competition inspired red letters on the sidewall
  • A tough, three-ply Duragen reinforced body construction to stand up to the rigors of off-road conditions
  • Reactive Contour Technology that delivers even tread wear throughout the life of the tire
  • Multi-angled sidewall protectors help prevent punctures
  • Acoustic Modulation Sound Technology reduces road noise
  • A patented ‘Strake & Chamfer’ tread pattern delivers deceptively high levels of traction in both mud and silt
  • Race inspired sidewall design