Air Lift Loadlifter 5000™ Ultimate Plus

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LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus™ offers up to 5,000 lbs. of load-leveling capacity
and is designed with Air Lift’s highest quality, longest-lasting components. With
high-end stainless steel roll plates, braided air lines and air spring mounting
hardware, LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus provides an ultimate combination of
leveling ability, adjustability, and ride quality.

  • Features:
  • EXCLUSIVE: Jounce bumper inside the air spring prevents bottoming out and can be safely run with zero air pressure
  • EXCLUSIVE: Stainless steel air spring mounting hardware and stainless steel braided air lines (2 x 5.5’)
  • EXCLUSIVE: Military-grade AN fittings simply thread together for a metalto-metal seal, ensuring an easy-to-install, leak-free system with no air line cutting required
  • Stainless steel roll plates which protect the air springs and help increase load capacity of the springs by up to 10%
  • Air adjustable from 5 to 100 PSI
  • Most kits are compatible with fifth wheel and gooseneck hitches
  • Most kits require no drilling into the vehicle’s frame